Ahhhh, look at that proud face then. Good times.

It has been brought to light recently that there are alot of negative posts circulated on the web with regards to SPF. To me, this is something that’s uncommon. But to see the unnecessary hate being directed to the force makes me nothing short of angry. Let me tell you why.

As most would have already known, I was a police officer during my “Ah Boys to Men” period. And proudly enough, I was fortunate to be a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer, patrolling the neighbourhoods in the northern part of Singapore. I am very blessed to say that I experienced what normal people wouldn’t have experienced. Be at the forefront of tense situations, to receiving genuine thanks when you help someone who’s in need. But not everyday was like this. As a matter of fact, 80% of the time wasn’t like this.

There they were, these selfless men and women, putting their lives before others, sympathising and trying their level best to find solutions to YOUR problems, missing out on anniversaries, birthdays and sometimes, even death of their loved ones. Days of coming to work and drawing my equipments were only greeted with hate and angst by the members of public. Why? What did these men and women do to be at the receiving end of verbal battery? You DO realise that they are just carrying out their duties based on laws and regulations that was not set by them right? The amount of hate is to be honest – disgusting. Singaporeans are so pampered with the convenience of having things spoonfed that when YOU lose an item, you blame the police for not retrieving it for you.

I once, too was told in my face, that I was useless and was of no help to this particular person, despite having done my level best to help this person to the best of my capabilities. Being so new, I felt so demoralised after my partner had to talk me out of it. I was no Superman, but I thought that being in the force, we were supposed to solve everything. But then I came to realise, hey, we’re humans too and that there’s only so much we can do.

It’s so easy to play the blame game. Especially when the odds are not in your favour. Money goes missing? Blame police. CPF goes berserk? Blame police. Passport invalid? Blame police. House on fire? Blame CD. It makes me sick to my stomach on the pampered and complacency that some Singaporeans have and to know we live in a society full of complain kings and queens(nothing new ah this one)

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