Dear Editors,

Have you ever seen the sign that says something like “No receipt given? You next drink is free. Please sms…” at all Gong Sha outlets in Singapore? Seems like this bubble tea retailer doesn’t honour its word.

I patronize this Gong Cha outlet at Liang Court quite often as I work nearby, Many a time, I was never given a receipt for my purchase till one day, I decide to send an SMS to them since they will be giving free drinks to anyone not given a receipt.The first time I submitted the SMS was on 2nd Dec 2015, and someone actually replied me to ask what drink I purchased, for the purpose of “investigation”.

Days and weeks past and on 16th Dec 2015 I submitted another SMS when I wasn’t given a receipt again. The SMSes went unheeded. Up till today, about 2 months already, the so called “investigation” of the first case is still on going and no reply for the second case. Anyone had such similar experience?

To the Gong Cha Management team: I am not hard up for the free drinks, but what irks me is that you do not honour what you so boldly advertise on each and every single cash register of your outlets. What is even worst is you totally ignore your customers despite the SMSes sent to you. In case you didn’t know, do let me kindly remind you that you are not the only bubble tea retailer in Singapore.

BBT Drinker
A.S.S. Contributor

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