For a male Singaporean, the PAP government will only allow you to renounce citizenship either when you are below 12 years old OR above 21 years old. Thus, most males are trapped in order to be conscripted. This rule has been in place since 1970s but most still don’t know about it.

Frankly, Brandon only lived in Singapore when he was a baby and during pre-school years. He is now more Kiwi than Singaporean given that he has lived his entire school years and teenage years in New Zealand. He doesn’t have any emotional or physical connection with Singapore nor does he give a care about Singapore or Singaporeans.

Why waste taxpayer monies to train and house him in Singapore? As an unmotivated NSF, do you think he will put in effort to carry out his duties in SAF, SPF or SCDF? He would probably just skive and put in only the bare minimum. Even if on duty & in uniform, he may just ‘act blur’ unless a superior orders him to do something.

So why insist on Brandon coming to Singapore to serve NS? I doubt if PAP will make exception — purely because it will set precedent for other Singaporeans. PAP is most scared of losing cheap & compliant Singaporeans for the suck machine that is otherwise known as NS.

Bluntly, he will just have to tell PAP to f-off and don’t ever set foot in Singapore. If Brandon really wants to serve, he will rather enlist in NZ Army. At least their recruits get $3000/month.

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