Dear Editors,

Step 1. Establish a good relationship with your neighbours, then get their handphone and house telephone numbers.

Step 2. Call any fastfood delivery and provide your neighbour’s address and phone number. Remember, you have to make a huge order.

Step 3. Wait for food to arrive, and observe your neighbour complaining to deliveryman that they didnt order food at all. Then watch them reluctantly pay for the food in the end.

Step 4. After the deliveryman leaves, your neighbour will be continuing bitching about the fact they paid for food they didnt order, and they will be wondering what to do with all that food. Now, it’s time for you to come out of your hiding place, behind your gates. Pretend to walk towards to clear your trash at the common bin, then ask them what’s up. Slowly talk until they invite you over for a meal since they bought “extras”.

Thank them, then repeat it the next time when you are hungry again. Can repeat it until they move out one by one.

Who’s That Pokemon!
A.S.S. Contributor

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