NSFs and NSmen who want change should first try to distance themselves from state propaganda. By voting for a government with little transparency and accountability, there will only be token changes.

PAP is essentially fighting yesterday’s war with useless paper generals who have continued to rely on tax dollars after retirement.

The activation of more than half a million soldiers in our little red dot is a logistical nightmare. Why plan to have one?

Before MP Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, invited more than a million foreigners to lunch in our home, most Singaporeans would have gladly sacrificed for our country. But will today’s youths sacrifice after their lunches have been stolen, courtesy of the PAP?

The minds of our youths may have been corrupted by Social Studies but most would have realised they have been fleeced by our own government upon joining the workforce.

From housing to healthcare, every necessity has a profit element for the government. This makes life extremely tough for citizens who are supposed to be living in a wealthy country. How did we end up having the highest ratio of elderly cleaners and security guards in the world? Are citizens expected to protect our country while the government abdicates its responsibilities?

When our leaders continue to enrich themselves and sucking the country dry, what is there left to protect? Are we supposed to protect PAP’s wealth?

Some MPs, ministers, and PAP-affiliated grassroots have been enriched beyond their wildest imagination. They fear the loss of their wealth and this accounts for the constant propaganda reminding citizens the need to protect our ‘home’, ie their wealth. That many have not been fooled has been confirmed by their ‘motivation’ to be as unproductive as possible during NS.

National service propaganda:
– To instill discipline and values among the young.
– To transform boys to men.
– To show love and loyalty to country.
– To build a unique Singaporean identity.
– To learn skills useful for civilian job employment.

The above are so ridiculous that foreigners must have been insulted but also having a good laugh. It would mean:
– Men are just boys in countries without conscription.
– Adult foreigners are ill-disciplined without having tasted SAF’s big stick.
– Not only do Singaporean females not love our country, foreigners who were not conscripted don’t love theirs.

What’s so unique about a kiasu, kiasi and kia cheng hu identity? And as far as my 6 years in the RSAF is concerned, whatever skills I had learned contributed kosong in my civilian career. Only PAP’s pseudo private sector allows generals to continue to pull rank, a skill absent in the real private sector..

To put this in perspective, let’s look at Thailand’s conscription. At 700 times bigger than Singapore and beset by problems way bigger than ponding, Thailand has a lottery system which takes in only the required number of conscripts. In 2011, it had required 100,000 conscripts and did not recruit more than it needed. Relative to Thai standard of living, conscripts receive a much higher allowance than NSFs.

The Thai army is activated during emergencies such as coups, natural disasters, border incursions and is kept busy in the restive southern region. Thailand has more valid reasons for Singapore-style conscription but it doesn’t do so because the huge tradeoffs are impossible to ignore.

But in la la (Sinkie) land, our jiak-liaw-bee leaders are talking about employing the army for … crowd control. Bear in mind our guaranteed-to-break-down-like-clockwork MRT is a self-created, unnatural disaster.

Our eat-finish-very-free NSFs may be abused for crowd control soon

Photo: ST

The real cost of our sacrifice has not been acknowledged nor reflected in the NSF allowance. If our youths were not paid ‘slave wages’, conscription will be viewed in a different light,ie done away with altogether or the duration drastically reduced to, say, half a year. Likewise for reservist obligations.

The reason to maintain an unnecessarily oversized armed forces is to create leadership positions for PAP’s “one shot, one kill” scholars. When these jokers subsequently join politics, they are able to trumpet their ‘starry’ achievements. For example, ex 3-star general Ng Chee Meng with zero relevant public transport experience is now SMOS for Transport.

Image: CNA

Without the 40,000 conscripts, there would have been fewer regulars and without NSmen, there would be no need to have 30 paper generals. PAP’s national defence spending is a huge burden for taxpayers and a high cost to society.

Including pre enlistment waiting period and university admission, a Singaporean male would have lost 2 1/2 years of his life. Female citizens as well as male foreigners seeking employment in our country would gained working experience in their careers compared to poor NSFs. So would any prospective employer hire a Singaporean graduate with no working experience or a foreign graduate from an unknown university with experience at the same or lower pay?

The odds are clearly stacked against NSFs. Singaporean diploma holders are also competing with foreign male graduates from third world countries who are contented with high third-world salaries.

NSmen should not allow themselves to be controlled by the government after wasting 2 years as conscripts. Why should the state disrupt our private lives and careers for another decade, sometimes more? As adults, why should our physical fitness continue to be determined by the state? Will we be involved in World War 2 type jungle warfare? Has there been zero technological advancement since 5 decades ago?

Conscription and reservist obligations are all about propagating propaganda and control by PAP. If conscription is even remotely linked to deterrence, then billions of tax dollars invested in state of the art weaponry would have gone down the drain, no?

PAP has belatedly addressed the issue of NS slavery with the recent $80 increase which is peanuts in high cost Singapore. It will continue to ‘showcase’ its concern with regular increments but will not adapt to the current political and economic reality: a 2-year NS stint has severely disadvantaged male Singaporean youths.

NSFs are like part-timers. How many of them are really motivated and serving with pride simply because PAP says they must protect Singapore, or rather, PAP’s wealth? So motivated that they want to trash their bunk?

Are our neighbouring countries the real threat in this age and time or is terrorism the greatest threat? Has PAP not heard of ‘ballistic missiles’ where others also possess the ability to ‘one shot, one kill’ us? Will the activation of half a million soldiers change the course of these missiles? How is the real threat of terrorism addressed by conscription or reservist obligations?

Perhaps PAP has started to believe in its own propaganda.

PAP has turned Singapore into the largest corporation in the world. Citizens are no longer defending our country but a corporation with PAP ministers as directors. Which thinking citizen will sacrifice/die for his employer/company?

Times have changed but PAP’s mindset has remained stuck in the last century. It is blinded by only one objective: perpetuate its hold on absolute power. In order to do so, the status quo must remain not just for NS but total control over public resources and the media.

NSFs and NSmen should be aware that there will only be token change with PAP in power. They should think a little deeper and do what’s right for themselves and our children.

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