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“Enough of duckweeds on the pond which we all agree have a purpose in the ecosystem. What puzzles me is the choice of candidate to replace LLL. In the spirit of being a multiracial party as what Pritam Singh, MP of Aljunied GRC claims WP to be, why not field Mohamed Fairoz Shariff to replace LLL instead?

We have a good Chinese representation from the WP through its elected MPs and NCMP, Dennis Tan, a fair representation for Indians with Pritam and Leon Perera’s presence and I think we should have a fair representation for the Malays too with Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap and Mohamed Fairoz.

The battering has always been that the government does not trust Malays even with the appointment of two Cabinet Ministers and a Speaker now. So shouldn’t the table be turned towards the WP also on their choice of candidate given that they have the ability to choose who they want to place as an NCMP?”

The guy who wrote this fb post is a PAP Member in Bedok Reservoir, Aljunied GRC. He proudly serves under the popular Victor Lye who lost narrowly in last year’s general elections.

He posted his thoughts on the recent NCMP seat issue and asked why WP refused to field a Malay candidate for the NCMP role and instead chose Daniel Goh when there is already Chinese representation in the WP. He further asked if WP is really a multiracial party? He tagged all Malay PAP MPs and Ministers at the end of the fb post.

Is the PAP member unnecessarily trying to stir the race card?

Thought Singapore is a meritocratic society?

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