Dear ASS Editors,

I had been living in the flat for 20 years, my unit was at 2nd level. I did respects all Religious as in our believe, we are not allowed to DISRESPECT others religious. What I want to bring up these matter to public are: The air pollution which came from the in-cent’s paper burning smokes that every day seeps into my door every morning when I opened my main door.

I did send an email to the HDB Town Council few years ago but nothing been done. I only requested the town council to do something about it. My request that the in-cents burning bins are to be move further away from the flats, may be 20 to 30 meters away. I am not talking to remove it totally, there are few believers did burn the in-cent’s paper every morning, not to say when it comes on Seventh’s Moon Festival my unit will having smokey almost occupied the whole of my living hall and we have difficulty to breath.

There was only one bin for years and before the Seventh Moon Festival last year, there was another new one was brought and placed right in front of my my unit at ground floor. Just imagine, if one bin was already makes my living hall smokey and difficult to breath, now there was added one more bin.

If you were living in my kind of flat, what will you do? I am seeking for the consideration from HDB Town Council and Department that Involved to consider the occurrence of these problems. We are humans, If smoking is not allowed on corridors and what about this everyday’s smokes come right into your door.

A.S.S. Contributor

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