I felt cheated, my air con break down at the wee hour and I search google to find is there any 24 hours air con services. Finally we’ve found this company Evertech builders & services (68818662) so eventually they send their technician to our house to check what exactly happen to our air con.

We were told that it’s the wiring problem so we need to change a new one that costs a bomb to us!!! ($700) We were so desperate that we agreed to pay.

Unfortunately 3 hours later, my air con break down again. Same situation !!!! I was so furious and I called the company so many times, no answer at all.

So I went in to see their reviews I was so shocked! Know what? All looking for a compensation!! Gosh!!! And same goes to me I’m looking for a compensation now if they didn’t get back to me by tomorrow I’m gonna file a report with CASE.*dishonest company* as for what the reviews that makes me feel this way.

So guys pls beware and don’t be the next victim. This person have been conning money since 2009 ! Watch out for this 3 companies!!!!!

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