Dear ASS Editors,

My Dad bought for us insurance polices when we were young. I had another older sister and younger brother. So just last week, i decided to drop Great Eastern a call. Telling that the policies were bought in 1997. I don’t know what type of polices he bought. The receptionist , said that she would send me the details from the printed copy from Econnect and also the password to log in from in future.

If i want a original copy , i would need to go down to their office and pay $20 . Got the mail on a friday, saturday was not a working day. So monday i called in again and was asking about the payouts and details. The receptionist was very helpful. So i told my siblings to call immediately to get their details too and this is where all the crappy shit comes.

My sister called and request for the same items and guess what, they told her to pay $20. She told them that all she wants is the print copy, not the original copy. They insisted that it is payable. My younger brother took the phone and gave them his details , requested for the same items and told them that his older brother just got his last week and he just called in 10mins ago. Great Eastern, then request for MY NAME to do a check if i did call and receive the items. After, putting us on HOLD to talk to higher authority . They told us that they can send us the PIN. Still PAYABLE. Great Work from Great Eastern.

I was wondering, then i realize that i had 2 new policies when i was 2012. While my 2 siblings didn’t. All they has were 2 or 3 polices each since 1997. But the amount were not that big.

So, to Great Eastern . Insurance is see how much you buy not how long you have been with them. They don’t even want to waste a few piece of A4 paper to print out the econnect details which is already avaliable in front of their screen. They want to charge you $20 for information that can be printed when they send us the password form. they had been with your company for 18years and 11 mths .

Great work ! and people tells me that insurance is for life…… bull shit.

Mr Yap
A.S.S. Contributor

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