Dear A.S.S,

I like to share this uplifting story with you.

I left house early for tuition in hopes to reach my tutee’s house earlier. However, the feeder service at my area was delayed 20 minutes due to the oil spill at Woodlands. So I decided to cab to CCK once I reached Woodlands interchange.

In the cab, halfway through the journey to the entrance of BKE, the traffic congestion was really bad and the vehicles were barely moving. I think he could see that I was panicking and then he decided to drop me off at some random bus stop and asked me to take the train instead because the jam definitely wouldn’t clear anytime soon and also to save me from the meter fare. The meter fare would probably jump to $20 or even more if he hadn’t dropped me. He had to cut across 2 lanes to drop me off even when the rest of the vehicles aren’t even moving.

When I took out my wallet to pay, he rejected my money immediately and said it’s okay and even told me to hurry to my tutee’s house. I quickly thanked the uncle but it felt like a single thank you wasn’t enough because it was only when I was on the train, I realized that the jam was extremely bad and he had to go through the jam without any customers since it was impossible for him to make a u-turn. Faith in humanity definitely restored.

Thank you so much uncle! Only managed to get his car plate (SHD 4957 Y) but not his name.
Be good be inspired…

Elizabeth Chua

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