After a police report was made against PAP lackey and ex-NMP Calvin Cheng for making comments in support of killing children of terrorists last month, it seems he's back with more foot-in-his-mouth comments, this time in support of making personal attacks in the name of good politics. 


Is he trying to justify the PAP's low brow tactics of making personal attacks against opposition politicians during the last GE like that time where MP Sim Ann took a personal swipe at Chee Soon Juan when she said that he was good at "chu pattern" or conjuring tricks or pretense.  Or when MND Minister Lawrence Wong made attacks against Chee Soon Juan's personal integrity on national television when he accused him of lying in parliament. 

The PAP and their supporters seem to take pleasure in taking personal digs at opposition politicians, but when the same is done onto them like when a WP supporter supposedly insulted Minister Shanmugam when he referred to him as a "barking dog", the PAP cannot take it and say that the action is WP sanctioned and called such personal attacks "disappointing" and "vile". 

It's ironic that Calvin Cheng would say that it is hypocritical to champion 'good politics' and 'decency' when the PAP has been doing so while not practising what they preach. 

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