Dear A.S.S,

We always make noise about Uber/GC taking away our businesses. But have we spare a thought that we the cabbies are one of the reasons why pax are taking Uber/GC instead of cabs?

1) Cabbies choose locations or pax – I understand that we are driving to make a living and to make the most out of the hours we are on the road.
2) Cabbies don’t take cards or nets even if they are issued with these terminals – I do understand its hard for the drivers to monitor if their respective companies pays them and it can take a number of days before the companies pay us and we have to pay our rental daily.
3) Going on a longer route – we are humans not robots, we do make mistakes but some cabbies will take a longer route knowingly especially when their pax are tourists. Don’t forget that they might have friends or relatives in Singapore and if they find out, they will probably advise their friends and relatives back home.
4) Overcharging by putting location charges when there are none

It just take a few of these rogue drivers to spoil our reputation. All these will contribute to drive our pax to take Uber/GC.

Dumas T

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