Dear A.S.S,

I don’t know how many of you have encounter this. My hdb area installed gantry parking. Once in a while the system will f*ck up and cant detect your IU unit. Its very frustrating especially peak hr when vehicles will just pile up behind u. Tried to speak with the customer service off thru the intercom and you will find the volume is super soft and u cant communicate over the intercom properly with vehicle engine running.

And Singapore drivers are f*ck up. Wait 5 min in queue,will start horning u. Its not like I doing it on purpose. I also want to go home, its my home carpark and its denying me entry. The customer service officer/ system is doing the delay as they want to check my vehicle number through verbal intercom communication. Why they don’t install video cam to quicken the process, I dunoe.

And did you know even if install gantry, u still need summon aunties, cause of the 10 min exit rule. You can just go in and don’t come out within 10 min to park at season parking carpark. So aunty is still needed to come down at night to check.

Sorry for the rant. Nearly fight with a driver who walk to my vehicle to tell me ppl are waiting for me behind.


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