Some women have all the luck… but others, not so much.

A PRC escort learnt this the hard way when she posted photos of herself on WeChat, inviting patrons to come and partake of her “services”.

Netizens have speculated that she operates as a freelance escort in the Sembawang and Admiralty area.

While such posts are common in sex forums and sometimes even in regular forums like Hardwarezone, this PRC escort soon learnt that it is not so easy to appease the high standards set by picky internet patrons, who promptly recoiled from their keyboards in horror when they saw her pictures.

“Mai la mai la” wrote one netizen, using the Hokkien terms for “Do Not Want”.

“Atb dun wan la… later downstair like amazon forest keep pets inside u also dunno 1…” wrote another netizen.

Others were more blunt and labelled her “FUGLY” or “a man with a wig”.

When asked, one netizen replied, “I wouldn’t f*** her even if she was the last woman on earth!”

While it appears that the netizens were unanimous in their derision for her below-par appearance, a fellow Facebook user commented: “This is precisely why I will NEVER engage the services of a prostitute. When you see her online so ugly already, imagine when you meet her in person. Then when you wake up the next morning after doing it, WAH KAO!”

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