Dear A.S.S,

On 8th Jan 2016, my company instructed our Secretary to change the company name. The ACRA/BIZFILE was giving much problem and has been ongoing for past few days. After many tries, he finally got it done just before 6 pm and emailed to inform us with the new Business Profile attached. That’s when the real show starts.

When I opened up the Business Profile, I was surprised to see our new company name in both the “Company Name” and “Former Name, if any” fields. This obviously was not right. The “Incorporation Date” is correct and the “Status Date” showed the same date as “Incorporation Date”. Again this was wrong.

After I highlighted this to the Company Secretary, he then reported this to ACRA on the same day, 8th Jan. We waited and finally on the 26th ACRA reverted back that it has been resolved and attached the “correct” Business Profile in the email. The moment I opened the attachment, I had a rude shocked. The “Former Company, if any” field is EMPTY !!
My goodness. The “Status Date” wasn’t fixed either.

I understand that ACRA was trying to roll out a new system in December and it was full of teething problems that caused many delays in filings. While it is understandable that with any system roll-out there are bound to be some issues. BUT what I cannot fathom is that there is totally no material changes in the transaction, how could they not discovered these errors? There are existing system to verify and validate against so for such problems to appear, not once but twice is simply not acceptable.

It just makes you wonder did they even go through a thorough proper system UAT at all? How can such basic problem not been discovered and rectified before the system is even rolled-out?
This came immediately after the website issues at CPF and are these signs that things are indeed falling apart?

Norman N.
A.S.S Reader

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