Dear A.S.S,

This i am posting on behalf of my good sister. Pls help me share around to create awareness so that nobody gets cheat by him again. This is a guy in his 40s name KINGSLEY also name 太子. He claims to be the number 1 headman of this secret society gang name 369 at TANGLIN HALT and having many ‘gina’ there. He also have a massage shop at people’s park complex. Below is my sister’s story.

My sister was a gf of one of this 太子’s brother. 太子 always sweet talk to her and then after few weeks he ask my sister to be his gf. This is already a wrong act.. 勾二嫂, and stupidly because my sister bf is not very nice to her actually, n because 太子 spend some money on her, she believed in him n be together with him secretly.

Then the real story begins.. this 太子 keep making use of my sister to cheat the bf money which is also his gang bro and then pass to him. He also stage a lot of situations whereby he bring his new frens or bros to ktv n act like very rich because he hang flowers etc.. then he will try to cheat those new bros or frens to invest in his loansharking biz or other illegal biz which if it failed (it always failed in the end) the victims will not report to police. He also ask for 4d betting website as an excuse saying he wanna be a runner, when he bet himself n if he wins he take money, but when lose he just keep saying kanna run by his players etc. My sister know all these from him personally which is why she know so much.

Then one day when my sister wake up from all these and know he is a bastard, she left him but this guy instead threaten her and beat her up. She dare not tell her bf also because she did his bf wrong also. She intend to leave sg soon which is why she want me to help expose this bastard.

Until now she is very guilty to help this guy cheat her own bf money. She intends to leave everything behind her since she is at fault also. By the time this post spreads around she should have left sg already. U can scold her all u want she told me, because she also deserved it. But she want me to tell all of you, this 太子 really 猪狗不如.. hope nobody gets cheated by him again. Especially those his bros who dunno his misdeeds yet.


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