Dear admin,

My father is (in my opinion of course, maybe some wouldn’t find this abuse) quite abusive towards me. He uses belts and clotheshangers to beat me, sometimes on the hand, sometimes on the head, sometimes in other places. This is every day Many times I’ve gone to school with huge red lines on my hands, and friends ask what happened, but I’m too embarrassed to say.

He also threatens telling my teachers I’m a delinquent who beats up many people. I don’t want that of course, I’m someone who is quite studies-oriented and I want to do well, I want to go to university. My mum, she’s somewhat complicit in these beatings, she never does anything and she’s often mean to me, but she doesn’t beat me.

Of course I try to defend myself, I hold up objects to protect myself, but my father would beat the shit out of me after that and I end up with more red lines, more injuries. Today I got beaten because I wanted some alone time after I had been very stressed due to school, and he said I had no right to be alone and immediately threatened me.

I honestly think he’s a psychopath, or at least has huge temper problems, and definitely somewhat of an abuse one, but I can’t do anything as if I’m put in foster care or something I wouldn’t be able to afford any of the books/resources I need to do well, especially considering the high cost of things in the future.

I hope that somebody can advise me on what to do to get out of this traumatising situation… Thank you all.


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