Hi admin,

I’m writing in to tell you my story about my going to be ex-husband and his lover and hopefully this will help all wives and husbands of these so called groups of ‘healthy sports’.

You would never imagine that my husband actually had an affair with his running team mate cum colleague while engaging in physical activities I.e from marathons to triathlons. My husband spent at least 3 weekday evenings on his so called running, swimming squad and spin classes. On weekend early wee mornings (sat and sun), he will say that he will be out cycling with his so-called cycling friends cycling around Singapore or jogging with this so called ‘like minded people jogging group’ for his iron man or triathlons.

Readers, all these are covered up for his rendezvous with his lover, you will never suspect as he would come back showered and clean (they always keep a sports bag in their car) but actual fact, they checked into budget hotels. You can’t fault them for unable to reach them via phone cuz they will explained I’m swimming in open sea, I’m in the gym, inside the forest no reception, cycling Lea how to pick up phone. All they need to do is just soak all the sports apparels in water (ensured that it’s wet so that you won’t suspect ). They spend so much time together as ‘Triathletes’ that you wouldn’t even have a single suspicion. They often participate overseas races from Bintan to Malaysia and have affairs there. Yet, this group of people always labelled themselves as ‘discipline, sporty high level working professionals’ with morals so loose. My hubby even told me he was too tired to have sex because of extreme sports. I eventually found out and realized that his lover is also married. They are just a group of so called “professionals” like minded [email protected]&k buddies.

Welcome to the new age of healthy and sporty adultery!!!

A.S.S Reader

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