Dear Editor,
I hope you can post my story up on your wall and warn consumers about Groupon SG so called 3rd party delivery services named Raidere X. Apparently, mine is not the only case. This is what had happened today:
My girlfriend ordered something from Groupon SG and the parcel is to be delivered to my office as I had agreed to help her to collect it. Foremost, This Malay delivery guy called me and told me that my parcel is here BUT he needs me to go down and collect it personally and if I dont, he will need to leave the premises as nobody is looking after his truck of goods. Look after? You mean the whole truck will be stolen just because you did a delivery?? 
Nevertheless, I told him sure, give me a minute and i will be down. sure enough, I reach the place within 2 mins ( i need to walk from the west lobby to the main lobby and it takes time, I walked you see, I dont fly) AMAZINGLY WHEN I REACHED, I CALLED THE DELIVERY GUY, NOT ONLY HE DID NOT ANSWER MY PHONE, I SENT HIM A TEXT AND SAY IM WAITING HERE FOR YOU, BUT THERE WERE NO RESPONSE. I CALLED AGAIN AND HE FINALLY ANSWERED BUT RUDELY REPLIED: I WENT OFF ALREADY BECAUSE I WAITED FOR YOU FOR A FEW MINS AND I DONT WANT TO WAIT AND HE SIMPLY HANGED UP!! Gosh, its not only a few minutes its barely 2 minutes to be precise!!!!!! 
Best! Later after that they send another delivery guy come up to my office with the parcel and tell me that I am wrong. and because of me, all of them kenah f**k. Ohhhhh Bloody idiots. 
Is this the kind of delivery service you give to your customers GROUPON SG?????????????? This is totally absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you even bother to work as a delivery personel when you dont even deliver the goods to your customers??? In my honest opinions, I really hope your company go bust!!
Seriously, I'm not trying to make a big ruckus but rather to give consumers a heads up on these 3rd party courier services.
Geri Y

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