Dear Editors,

I am unhappy over a comment which my daughter’s form teacher made…but don’t know how to go about it without getting daughter into trouble.

My hubby brought my girl to ENT at NUH on Monday for a hearing test. The specialist found her right ear to have some problem and the results will confirm next week. I emailed the form teacher to request for early pick up from school and updated her on daughter’s condition. In the email, I told her what the ENT specialist mentioned after the preliminary test, the reply was to update her if the right ear is confirmed to have a problem and apply for ‘access arrangement for Listening Comprehension’ with the medical report. She said she didn’t notice daughter having this problem in class.

But yesterday, the form teacher told my daughter not to pretend that she can’t hear and there is nothing wrong. Since the test was done by a medical specialist, the teacher would know that the child is not faking it. why did she tell daughter ‘not to pretend’ she has a hearing problem? seems like a double standard kind of thing…on one hand she thanked me for informing her, but yet accused daughter of faking it.I am very pissed with this. can anyone advise what I can do?


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