I encountered an errant mercedes driver today and instead of apologising for what he did, he tried to intimidate me on the roads.

I was driving on Pasir Ris Drive 2, this road is a 3 lane road, 1 for turning left, middle lane is for both turning left and going straight, and the lane on the right was for turning right.

I was on lane 2, and indicated my signals clearly ahead of time, that i’ll be turning left. Errant mercedes driver was on lane 1 (furthest left)- his lane is strictly for turning.

As the lights turned green, i proceeded to turn unto Pasir Ris Drive 1, this is a two lane road, the errant mercedes driver decides to speed up and swerve into my lane (please note he swerved into my lane-the outer lane), i had to jam break just in time, i am 38 weeks pregnant.

Is it not common road discipline to turn into the lane assigned to you, not swerve into someone else’s lane and almost causing an accident?

Instead of apologising, the driver tried to intimidate me at the lights ahead, all the way even after turning unto Loyang Ave and subsequently TPE, driver kept stepping on his brakes trying to scare me.

Not sure what triggered his behaviour, but he must somehow think that i made some sort of illegal left turn at Pasir Ris Drive 1, without knowing that it is a LEGIT 2 lane turning road.

So therefore Mr Mercedes, if you ever see this, shame on you, such a pity i didn’t manage to capture your face on my camera. As drivers, we respect the roads we are on, your life depends on it, some day you might not be as lucky as you are today.

Mrs Preggy
A.S.S. Contributor

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