I had a bad experience yesterday at circle line serangoon station. I was being assaulted by a lady passenger long hair in blue dress while alighting at the serangoon station.

It all started she wants her way. I had space to walk in front of her near to the exit door. As I was alighting the same station as her and just because i didnt giver her cut my way she started to push me from behind. Somehow i felt another force push I turned back she gave me a stare. I returned her back the push after the another push from her which force me to move forward, she then scratched me from behind.

Looks can be deceiving, never will I expect this lady to behave like a hooligan which she further smacked my phone to the floor when I tried to take her pic.

Ugly commuters are increasingly due to uncouth FT invade our country causing everywhere to be jam-packed. She is not local by the way.

I was near the control station trying to question why she scratched me and we broke out in an argument. Both station manager and Cisco security were trying to break us up and asked us to leave the station if we want to continue. I showed them I was attacked by that lady where I sustained scratches and redness on my arm. Both failed to listen to my complaint but order me to leave the station and resolved myself. If I wanted to stay at the station then I had to provide my particulars to them. I told them I will need to confirm this with the police which I then dial 999. Police officer on the phone told me if I am not comfortable to reveal to SMRT staff, then wait for the police to arrive. Instruction given by the police to wait inside and not outside of the mrt.

So fyi don’t anyhow give your particulars to any security or SMRT STAFF. They don’t hv the authority to do so.

All this while Cisco security also not a local, was shouting at me and threatened me to give my IC to them if not he let the lady off, which they finally did.

The lady upon hearing that I was about to call the police dare not looked back and rushed off. Was she afraid to meet the police? Even so, why wasn’t Cisco and station manager unable to restrain my assailant? Who are commuters to seek help to when they are in need?

Nowadays Singapore no longer peace and harmony. No more courtesy. Feeling alienated as a Singaporean.

Alienated Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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