Our reader shares his experience applying for a job with Asia Recruit, which charges a fee for job seekers trying to find employment with them.


I actually applied to them because I saw their post in Gumtree that positions hiring in different field are urgent. Then they sent me a text to go to their office at People’s Park Complex #4-17 which you mentioned. The name of the company the mentioned in the text is Asia Recruit. I am actually aware of this kind of modus but I still go. I just want to check and experience. Lol.

Then when they already mentioned about the fee and what to expect after paying. I showed the fake excitement in me and told them that I will come back in 30 mins I will just get money. Just for them to let me go without asking any question or whatsoever. Then I left their office laughing as I’ve experienced it myself (I am aware of the modus). Lol.

So I am writing you this for you to tell the other victims that their office is still there. Same building. Maybe different people? Idk. But same exact location. If they want to get there money back, pretend that they are interested then after the staff told them that their money is refundable, then that’s the time they can get there money back.

Pleas note: Their office doesnt have Company name stated in their door.

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