He’s finally in parliament after a long 4 year period of waiting and hoping…

Despite losing twice in an SMC and failing to reach the 40% mark twice, this determined chap is finally in parliament.

He took a difficult route instead of taking the tried and tested route. Instead of staying to re-contest the aforementioned SMC for a third time or try his luck at another SMC, he embarked on a new and uncertain journey, full of pitfalls and deceptive illusions of success. This more challenging path to parliament is called the GRC.

How can one begin to describe the complexity of the GRC, the uncertain and more challenging route for any political candidate? It’s like you are used to trying to go into a building through the main entrance. Sometimes the door is guarded and locked but at least you know where the door is. But now the main entrance is gone. Instead, all of a sudden you have to use the back door which you have never used before.

Despite his lack of familiarity, he struggled and eventually adapted to the method of back door entry and finally succeeded in his quest to get in. The opponents guarding the door were much stronger this time. They were a tough-looking group that he had never encountered before called NSP. The opponents were merciless and fired salvo after salvo of fiery attacks. “Handshake is basically a promise!” screamed one opponent, inciting the crowd of thousands to oppose him. Nevertheless, with his courage and sheer determination, he defeated all of them and broke through the last barrier. It had been a difficult battle for him and he was sweating at the end of it. It had taken more than just luck to win. The odds were against him, but he prevailed.

Salute him for his courage! Taking the difficult back door route into parliament is something very few people would want.

A.S.S. Contributor

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