Dear ASS,

I have been mercilessly forced to leave by my company! I’m in the banking industry for the past 10 years and for them to do this to me and my colleagues is just too heartless and slimy! The bank has been forcing us to resign since a year ago so that they don’t need to pay us retrenchment package.

I was in the housing loan department in a reputable bank, and in the past year, the housing loan market has dipped to an all-time low. Since last year, the management has hinted several times for us to resign saying things like “If you cannot hit your target for this month you bloody throw in your own letter and walk out of that door!” Also apart from the monthly and weekly sales reports, we were also made to do daily sales report and then hourly sales reports. How ridiculous is that?!!! Just because the market has been sluggish doesn’t mean that we do not do any work. If we need to report every hour, how to meet our clients or find for new clients?!

It’s so damn obvious that they want to make us resign on our own and save money on the retrenchment benefits! This is an established local bank whose credit cards most of us Singaporeans would own and they want to use this kind of smelly chao-kuan methods of getting rid of us! So far more than 100 staff from the team have been forced to resign, including myself and I have not been able to get a job since. It has been three months and I am very worried about when I can get a job!

Yes, the economy is spiraling but this is no way to let your staff go. It is downright unethical!!! So to all those in the banking and finance sector, make sure you have a plan B cos you’ll never know when something like this will hit you too. (See, it already hit the Barclays Bank workers!)

A.S.S. Contributor

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