Dear admin,
This photo that I send you is a Filipina who keep messaging my Husband if can chat video or what ever. My Husband comeback home after work we both playing game when this girl message him again if his alone and if can video chat. 
My Husband tell me "my darling I hate this girl I don't know how she know me and she message me I will block her" but I told my Husband let me play abit to her so my Husband pass me his phone. She ask if I my Husband have Skype Bibi say NO then after that she ask again if my Husband choosy I say No then after that she ask for chat for video I say Ok . When she call and find out and see on the video that is not my Husband face she very angry and off cam and send all the nasty message Showing on the photo in Tagalog world.  
I hope that no one fall into their trap cuz once you fall to their trap your gone. This people are trying to make money using their Chibai.
Shine GT

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