This is in Response to the recent article by Raymond Tan:

I agreed with the author and strongly feel that TTSH is the worst hospital in Singapore.

A few months ago during September 2015, I brought my Kin to the A&E department of TTSH. We waited not for too long and the doctor saw my Kin and was eventually arranged to do some scanning/x-rays for more diagnostics. Doctor then transferred my Kin to one of the temporary ward which was the transitional place meant to wait until there is a vacancy available from the Hospital Room Ward. Supposingly only 1 family member was allowed to be there for each patient.

As my Kin was ushered to this temporary ward, there was this Indian Security Guard by the name of Matthew whom instructed me to go back to the Front Reception Counter to exchange for a worthless irritating Pagar. And the ridiculous purpose of this irritating Pagar was meant to disrupt the family member accompanied the patient to the hospital every 15 minutes by beeping non-stop until you go back to the Front Reception Counter to “renew” it. For each renewal was 15 minutes only.

So after I have exchanged for this irritating Pagar, I went back to the temporary ward and there was much discussion between me and the doctor regarding my Kin’s condition. When it was halfway through, the f**king Pagar keep beeping again and I have no choice but to halt and go renew it. When I was back, there was no security guard by the door and I could not enter the Ward. It was then I saw this Matthew come walking slowly and I just told him to “walk faster lah” and suddenly his attitude turned aggressive towards me. He felt that I was wrong and should not ask him to walk faster but he was the only one whom could open up the temporary ward door for me to go in so of course he has to be there otherwise how the hell are we going to enter the ward? I entered the ward and went straight to the doctor to continue our discussion but this security guard Matthew continued to harass me at the door insisting and debating that I should not ask him to walk faster. Is this the way how professional security guard should behave? Basically, he was paid to be security guard to be there to do his job and I have already exchanged for the f**king 15 minutes Pagar so it was definitely not my fault when he was not there to open the door for me.

Throughout the duration I went out to renew the f**king Pagar for 3 times and each time I have to be at the mercy of security guard to open the ward door for me. I visited other Government Hospital too and I really don’t remember they have this f**king Pagar to disrupt me with my Kin. When I was leaving the Hospital that day, that Matthew even called told me “don’t be a coward lah by going to complain him” as he knew that I was going to complain to his supervisor about his attitude with ALL the voice conversations exchange with this Security Guard.

As a close family member to my Kin, I was definitely very anxious about the well-being of my Kin in Hospital, that is not the doctor’s Kin or the security guard’s Kin. It was my responsibility to ensure my Kin is well as I can’t really trust this hospital. Anyways for A&E vehicle wise, they would just go to the nearest Hospital regardless of whether I like TTSH or not. Similarly to what Raymond Tan had experienced, I have complained to TTSH dedicated Patient Relations Department’s Manager Jackie and their Response was to vaguely cover up this matter by saying that they have noted my concern and highlighted to the Security supervisor WITHOUT actually taking ownership to admit on the mistake of the staff. I also noticed that these Security Guards are wearing TTSH staff passes so there was no reason why the Hospital could cover up for their staffs poor working attitude.

From personal experience, TTSH is indisputably Worst Hospital of Singapore has a very Ridiculous practice of emphasising too much care for the well-being of Hospital’s employees at the expenses of patients’ interest. This Hospital will never improve if it continue to sacrifice the patients’ interest in order to protect their own reputation. All voice conversations evidence are still well-kept in my personal server so if they wish to argue on anything, I will be there against their counter-attack.

A.S.S. Contributor

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