Tell me what is CPF Medisave ? To be honest I now realized its all but a big painted bullshit.

I had a very close relative who had to go and see a doctor quite immediately owing to a sickness. Then upon arrival at the doctor she was advised to go for several scans and then being diagnose with Cancer. Imagine, when asked if CPF Medisave could be used we were told that only $300 for one scan scan was allowed and another $400. Despite having an insurance being taken up we were in total disarray as Insurance here again don’t cover Scans etc. as i was told and we had to resort to borrowing credit cards to settle all the scans totalling $7000.

So whats the purpose of having all the Medisave being held back in CPF when you cant use it for Medical purposes here and there. Whats the purpose.? Now we are in an extreme difficult position. So to the Government I wonder whats the big fuss about Medisave when you cant used them and have all sorts of restrictions. To me its just Bullshit.

Phrase whatever you like but this is madness I dont have anymore trust in the Government schemes. Medical fees are crazy in Singapore. Damn!!! Enough of all the sweet propaganda.

A.S.S. Contributor

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