Dear Editor,

I stay in Fernvale and a few days ago police came knocking on my door in the middle of the night. So police tell us they found a war relic bomb in the nearby construction area and they were going to blow it away. Police went door to door tell us not to be alarm and they will ensure the safety of residents. I went to kaypoh to look around and saw Police, SCDF and SAF bomb squad. It was SAF bomb squad that exploded the bomb. Everything was done smoothly and safely. They eventually exploded the bomb in the early morning.

But what I saw on social media the next day make me uncomfortable. One of my neighbour actually refused to open door when the police came knocking saying that he won’t open the door for anyone in the middle of the night and there was unlikely any emergency. I feel that is really irresponsible. Police are trying to do their job and if there really was an emergency, does someone have to risk their life to get to open the door?

He even haolian post CCTV video recording on his facebook to show the police trying to get their attention. In the first place, can he even install CCTV to point at the common corridor and life landing?? Isn’t this illegal and an invasion of privacy? I hope the authorities will look into this matter.

William Koh
ASS Contributor

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