Dear A.S.S,

This girl I am seeing, she is a maid in Singapore. She not my maid. I just got to know her through social network. I scared I am blinded by infatuation. So I want to be rational. She is from Philipines.

Firstly, she message me often, misses me, cute. Any small little things I do for her, she has always shown to be very appreciative towards me.
Secondly, she is quite a caring lady towards me.
Thirdly, she never ask any money from me at all, although she did mention her family home is not very well off. (obviously, otherwise she wouldn’t have to work as a maid)

Her contract will be over soon.

I thinking la, wanna be together with her, go PH see her family or not. I haven’t decided.

I humji la honestly. So far we seems to like each other a lot. Every off day she have she always meet me.

What do you all think? Do you think this relationship will work out? What challenges I face? Can all the experience kor kor and uncles prease advice? Thank you all!!


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