Dear Editors,

I just went with my grandaunt to MPS, cos she dunno how to speak english and cant express herself properly.

She doesnt know how to talk to people to tell them what assistance she needs so i go down with her to MPS.

The meet the people session has a large number of volunteers who would assist residents to write letters. The MP would only speak to people with highly difficult and urgent complex issues.

When we spoke to the volunteers to assist us and when we told them the problems my grandaunt is facing. She had recently lost her job and needs some help with her utility bills. But they would be so sarcastic and say that there is limited resources and limited help, cant always accede to all your requests. Told us to fond solutions to our own problems where possible.

This is the 1st time my grandaunt seek help from MPS. They would say that long term solution has to come from our own efforts.

My main complain is, when we ask them for help, they will turn around to lecture us and told us off saying we need to learn to be independent.

What the fark we go there not to be scolded, but to get some form of assistance.. yet we scolded for not being independent. I think those people farking sucks, and all 狗眼看人低


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