I was driving to vivo-city when a blue Toyota Prius driven by a Pinoy lady dangerously cut into my lane, almost causing an accident just before we entered the carpark. We drove down to the passenger pickup point in the basement and she stopped in front a ramp. I was waiting to pick up my Grandma who is wheelchair bound, hence I winded down my window and signaled to the Toyota Prius driver to move forward slightly so that my car would be more convenient for my Grandma to board. However, she refused and said “Too bad, you’ve gotta wait”.

In the next few minutes, her caucasian husband turned up with a trolley full of groceries and they took their own sweet time to unload it into their car boot. Next, I don’t know what the lady driver told her husband but he came banging on my car window aggressively, shouting at me, asking me why I am stalking his girlfriend??

After I told him politely I’m just waiting for my family, he told me he’s gonna call the police and report me.

Next, he shouted “What’s wrong with these people!” and challenged me to get out of the car. He wanted to pick a fight with a young girl who’s just waiting for her handicapped grandma.

He was wearing a company T-Shirt, where through Facebook, I found his name to be Graham Lind who used to work at Neptune Regatta and his so-called girlfriend name is Juliah Morrissey. Car no. plate SGR2437H.

Be careful of this couple who tries to cause accidents, inconsiderate, then try to bully others in such an I’ll bred manner.

Bullied Singaporean Girl
A.S.S. Contributor

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