Dear fellow Singaporeans who drive in to our neighbouring country for whatever purpose. Do not blame the citizens there for taking law in their own hands because our own drivers is taking law in their own way while in other country.

To the driver of this SGS1077P, you have brought shame to us when you decided to hit & run from this minor accident.

You can run, but you can never hide.

Date/Time : 17/0/2016 @ 2345hrs
Location : Johor Bahru CIQ Building

That you hit my nephew’s msian registered vehicle and did not even bother to stop or check on the accident, but instead your passenger friend attempted to threaten my nephew who is alone. Despite informing you that you are involved in an accident, you did not even bother to respond and proceeded to drive off. If you are such ball-less prick, don’t drive to JB next time for fuel and food! Karma will be on you!

Alan Er

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