To the policeman son of this man.

Dear Mr Policeman,

I hope this letter is able to reach you through the internet. I am writing to you to inform you that your father seems to be under a lot of stress. So stressed that he scolded my wife, who is 5 months pregnant, incessantly for taking the priority seat on the MRT, even after she told him that she is pregnant.

My wife was wearing a loose fit dress, and has a remarkable baby bump. Out of nowhere, your father came in front of her and started scolding her for occupying the priority seat. Stunned the sudden event, my wife looked at him incredulously a while before telling him that she is pregnant. The whole incident would have ended if he had apologised and acknowledged that he had made a mistake. But no, his reply:” it doesn’t show.” Then continued, non-stop, to chided her for the way she looked at him. My wife plead him to stop countless times, but he just went on with his verbal abuse – abuse on a helpless pregnant woman sitting on a seat that she is entitled to sit on.

Out of desperation and frustration, she demanded him to stop, or she would call the police. His reply:”go ahead, my son is a police.” That’s how we know you are a police. I believe, as a well respected policeman like you, you wouldn’t condone such as actions. He stepped over the line. Hence, this letter.

Feeling helpless and maligned, my wife started tearing. This saddens me because i was not there to comfort her. Being pregnant is stressful and tiring enough, she don’t deserve any of the abuses your father had thrown at her. What maddens me is that your father just walked off without apologising, and sat at a PRIORITY seat in the next cabin.

If this letter does reach you, please let your father know that if he needs a seat just ask, and most polite people would give up their seats for him. Also, please find him alternative ways to help him de-stress, raising his voice at others achieves nothing, only bring himself unnecessary embarrasement.

Thank you very much for your time.

P.s: To the young man sitting at the PRIORITY seat next to my wife – You slept through the whole episode. I hope you had a sweet dream.

A.S.S. Contributor

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