Dear Allsgstuff,
I read the story on your facebook page with the above heading: LOVE STORY: EX-INDON MAID MARRIES S'POREAN MAN AGAINST HIS FAMILY'S WISHES. 
I would like for you to correct the story as it is not complete, nor does it tell the whole story. This story isn't a "love story", this story is about betrayal, hurt, and attention seeking monkeys that send in stories that favours her in order the gain sympathy. Seeing how she wants attention, how about we make it bigger by telling the full story, then people can judge if she really should get sympathy, pity and "acceptance".
Her "husband" was SOMEONE ELSE's LEGAL husband to begin with. They have been married for more than 10 years. They have 3 beautiful, lovely and wonderful children, age 12, 10, and 5. The children are very sensible and very well-behaved (of course no children in this world is perfect but I've definitely seen worse).
Of course I get that it takes two to tango, so I'm not saying that the maid is the only one at fault here.
Here's what everyone else didn't know happen:
– There was a period of time, the maid sent mean and hurtful messages to the wife (now ex-wife) to taunt her and I can vouch for this, as I have personally, read those hurtful, mean, demeaning messages. 
– The husband physically abused his wife (now ex-wife) in front of his young children, when they were arguing because of this maid.
– The 3 children are still hurting from losing a father figure at home, especially the youngest.
– Needless to say, the poor ex-wife still cries because of the hurt, pain, disappointment and betrayal.
– The reason the maid was banned from Singapore was BECAUSE she broke up a Singaporean family (they got married before divorcing the first wife). It isn't purely because she "fell in love" with a Singaporean while she had her WP.
Oh, she also failed to mention that she doesn't think she is wrong, at all, not sorry for hurting the wife, not sorry for hurting the 3 young children, not sorry for ANYTHING that she has done to this family. Why? Because she is "in love". Because she is in love, everything the both of them has done is right, the hurt she has caused should be forgiven, the pain she has bought upon this family should be forgotten. 
So calling this a love story is a really pushing it. Love isn't about putting yourself first, love is about thinking of others and sacrificing your needs for theirs. Well, was there anyone thinking of the children, how hurt they would be to have to see their father hurt their mother, how hurt they would feel when their father can't even come to their graduation ceremony because it was on a weekend and he needed to see her? Well, no. So don't call this love, it's an insult to every married couple in this world.
Oh, by the way, I'm not related to anyone in this story, I'm just a friend of the person that REALLY needs sympathy and support but doesn't go on social media to get it!
PS/ a whole lot more happened because of the maid, I am just not in the position to publicly write about it. The purpose of this email was just to expose her lies and prevent her from getting the support from netizen and continuing believing that she is right to pursue her "love" even if it means hurting young innocent children.
Thanks for reading.
A.S.S. Contributor

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