Dear A.S.S,

WE NEED TO GET THIS VIRAL AND SHARE TO ALL SUBWAY around the world on What just happen to us !!!

This is outrageous, I have never seen this type of service at any ‪#‎subway‬ singapore or anywhere in the world. Seriously this MILLENIA WALK #subway outlet made it’s mark and I will never want to go to any #subway ever !!!!

This lady name if I remember, is Krystal Tan. Please remember this mid-aged lady.

Let me explain what happen.
We had a event on 15th Jan 2016 around 4pm and we was just about to grab late lunch, when we enter, this lady at the counter greeted us with so much enthusiasm. Why ? Why she did that ? Okay that make us comfortable, we decided to go along the flow.. We joked and talk along the way. As we are ordering each sandwiches, still very wary why she so nice, we make it difficult, requested on different things and we told her specifically that we love our bacon in all our sandwiches. I cannot believe this, she got the audacity to offer to get the bacon Crispy first. Can still smile and tell us that she will get it perfect for all of us, she even made sure that my order of sandwich got toasted right !! This has never happen before !! Our bacon, toast crispy with cheese melting in our mouth !! What on earth is this place !!

At the end of the meal while she is clearing the tables around us, she came over explaining the timing she set for oven so that the sandwiches taste perfect and lastly left us with a quote ” Life is great, be happy ” She will be seeing us more often at MILLENIA WALK subway..

Thank you, Subway Singapore, you made it great !!

Ivan F.
A.S.S Reader

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