Dear ASS Editors,

Boarded the bus 185, this morning and met with a wannabe UFC fighter. I was seated near the rear of the bus and this uncle was going towards the back end of the bus. My feet did not crossed the bus passageway. While he was going to the back of the seat, he stepped on my feet, i asked “ Uncle, could you say sorry , as you had stepped on my feet?”

He says “sorry lah, you want to fight is it? ”, in a loud tone. I told him, he stepped on my feet, and he challenged me to a fight, when i ask him for a sorry. He progressed to say i said sorry , already. You want to fight is it ? Are u mad or what? I repeated several times i only ask for sorry, is because he stepped on my feet.

He keeps repeating, U want to fight, are you mad? After a few minutes, i decided to take a picture, as this could be a good way to educate on social behaviour and etiquette, and in a way to stop this aggressive and anti social behaviour, in public .

He swiped my phone away from my hand, while i was taking a picture. Luckily my phone fell to the seat, and not on the ground. That is when, I decided to call the police and told the bus driver about this incident .

If everyone behaves this way, i think the ride will be very stressful. Be considerate to one another on the bus, including to the driver.

A.S.S. Contributor

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