Maid alert! Since I’m taking a day off tomorrow, i decide to publish this little note to warn people about my ex-maid from Philippine and my continuous mistakes to keep her in the house for so long.

Name: Cindy (Cecilia / CJ / Crist Joy) Peralta Vasquez – shes born in 1991 and is a divorcee with a 6 yo baby girl.

I was desperately in need of a maid since my MIL has been helping me taking care of my baby and the house all by herself long enough. It exhausted her and i totally understand, so i decided to get “help”.

After a few rounds of considering new & transferred maid, i decided to pass a candidate which my mil considered as “look a bit “dumb” (sorry for my choice of word) hence my be more obedient” and chose a more bubbly one who went her way to try carry my baby around and sing songs for him during our interview, and as a new maid, she agreed to 1 off day per month only. And here are my constant mistakes:

– The agency said she was actually a new maid, the ex employer wanted to hire her and wait 5 weeks to bring her to singapore, then suddenly decided to continue with her previous maid -> this one became transferred maid. A bit fishy isnt it? I only realized it now

– 1st off day – she went out at 10am and back at 2am of the next day. I didnt really scold her but gave her a warning and a curfew of 9:30pm instead. for the next 2 consecutive weeks, she reached home at 11:30pm or 10:30pm saying that she overslept at her cousins’ house or waiting for her sis to finish the batch of cake then bring home (which she didnt cuz she was scared that wait a while longer i would be mad at her) – well. I closed one eye

– Ignore my MIL complaints about her hygiene standards. Well, my MIL got OCD about cleanliness >> even i am far away from her standard. But i also “gave” some leeway to Cindy because she was originated from a rural place so naturally she wouldnt be able to meet our standard immed. To me, my most priority is my baby and she seemed to pay more attention when it came to baby’s food or handling baby >> i closed 1 eye

– She always got reasons to get out of the house quite late at night – top up card / cousin died >> need to inform sis because sis phone cannot be contacted / brother died / etc etc. I gave in.

(now, maybe up to this point, u might think that i’m quite dumb. Really!!!!! No experience in handling a subordinate. Also a bit hesitate to “offend” her because i was worried that she would put in on my precious baby. Should have just fired her oredi right?)

– I found a hotel card in her bag. The next day, it’s gone. Rumour has it that she has a bf outside living temp in a hotel.

– Always asked for loan because she got no salary for the first 5 mths >> only got the compensation from 3 off days she sacrified to work >> asked for 2 months at 1 go, saying that she needed to send back to her family. But she always got “pocket $ to buy snacks”, my MIL said she saw her got a new batch of clothes.

I wanted to fire her at this point but still hanging on to her for a while because i was expediting on the schooling for my son sothat we could become “independent” of help and my son got time to adjust to school.

I treated her well. I think even more than well. The only problem she had is probably with my MIL because of my MIL’s OCD and my MIL kept “nagging” her – but again, she never complained to me nor to her agency.

I heard that she learned from her sis who’s been a maid for this house for 17 years that she should “protest” in a way sothat i could transfer her to another employer >> well, jump job, salary increment. Simple right?

But that dumb head can only think of things such short sighted. She “managed” to find an Angmor family with 2 kids who’s agreeable to pay her $100 more than her current pay when staying with me ($500 – well, shes a new maid) – and maybe an angmor familiy will give her privileges because they believe in human rights etc btc (my friends told me stories about the angmor family allowed the maid to smoke in their yard during her rest time / get cable tv for the maid / allow the maid to freely consume their alcohol in the shelves (MAD!!!). And the dumb head forget about 2 things:

– She will have another month of loan because she need to pay her agency for transferring >> half a year salary gone.

– There’s a chance that i could send her back – period!

She made that 2nd mistake. Do you know what she did? She PEE-D into my MIL’s juicer. YES, u heard it right. She freaking PEE-D in it.

I discovered it in a morning when i was very rush. I didnt think much, just take a photo & ask my MIL if she recognized the container. But my MIL couldnt find it in Cindy’s room. So we let it slide for 1-2 days because i was still paying attention. One day i came into her room (when she asked if she could go to church because it’s a new year – her religion, i dont think i should say no), i didnt know what made me look up and saw the freaking container full of the pee up in the highest shelf in her room (She hid it there, obviously). That’s it. She crossed the line. BIG TIME.

I can close 1 eye, even 1.5 eyes. this is unbelievable.

What i did? It was at night so i decided to keep quite and ask my MIL to keep quiet until the next day.

Come morning, 9am, my MIL asked her what’s that in the container in her room? Cindy tried to lie her way thru and said it was for her throat – lemon & salt. My MIL asked how come it got urine smell? She said oh maybe because of the lemon’s skin.

So i told her: “Bring out here! I want to see! U drink it in front of me la!”

She walked into her room. My son followed her because he thought he might find something to play with (well, he was 18m old) but lucky me he did that. I told my MIL to catch him and dont let him go near her at all. My MIL rushed into the room and saw her splash the whole liquid content inside the container thru the window. She was too rush, the container was too full, there’s even dropping on the floor (ewwww). She finally admitted it was her pee and told us that because she was lazy to go out of the room to pee at night. BULLSHIT.

I asked her to pack, i tried to call the police but they didnt pick up the freaking phone. So we took her straight to the Agency, telling them our story. Cindy said she was sick that night & the toilet is far away so she didnt want to get out of her room – ya, she was too sick but she still went to church for 1 hour that night. My rented house is a hdb with the type of design that all the rooms + bathroom is in 1 small corridor >> bathroom is sooooooo far that it takes her 5 steps to reach. Ya, right.

Cut my story short. The agency gave me 2 options: to send her back, or to transfer her. I tested her by asking for their recommendation. and they recommended me to send her back. She showed no remorse, asking for her salary, still texting all the time. So i decided to deduct my juicer out from her salary. I even wanna scrutinize on the smallest details but i dont wanna waste time with that ungrateful cunning … person (err, i was gonna use a much stronger word but nvm) so i decided to leave the agency immed.

I cant ban her by emailing MOM cuz they said she never got convicted.

She told her friend that she got 2 passport so she’s gonna come back to Singapore soon. Ya, like her family knows a governor who could make that happen or smt. Shes still stuck in Manila after 3 weeks.

So, my friends. Please spread the words on this case and please dont make the mistakes to hire this one again. U might end up drinking her pee one day. (I’ve heard about worse)

Here’s her face.

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