Something good today… Was at Sungei Kadut this morning trying to get a cab to go to Sin Ming.. waited for like 20 minutes and no empty cabs..

Just as I was about to call fora cab, I saw an empty cab and quickly flagged it down. Then I saw the sign that says Woodlands and was immediately disappointed. The driver dropped and asked where I am going only to realise that both of us are going to different directions.

Instead of driving off, he offered to drive me to the main road (Woodlands Road) and later on decided to drop me at Kranji MRT station so that it is easier for me to take a cab or other public transport. I offered to pay him for the trip when we reached Kranji MRT station, he refused. Just said it’s ok.. he is on the way.

Well there are nice people around.. thank you Sir.. SMRT taxi SHB900Y

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