Dear A.S.S,

I work for a multi national company. I was recently promoted to a Senior Lead so I manage about 18 staff.

About a month ago, our company hired a new staff for our daily support. Even though she is from China, she speaks well and can speak many languages.

She is brainy with above average looks. Slim, composed and professional. As a lead, I need to work with her to handle our clients and I find myself beginning to be drawn to her. I invited her for lunch for once and since then, she invites me even if I don’t ask her.

She is sweet, patient and polite. I feel great whenever I’m around her. We can talk about anything under the sun. Subsequently, I started to send her some random texts to which she also responds sweetly.

One of my female staff who also works closely with her said she often praise me and says that I am good at my job.

These days, I find myself looking at her WeChat account. A lot.

Since her sits near me in the office, I realised I would look at her every now and then.

The truth is, I am a married man with 2 kids. My wife and I get along fine. It’s just that she is the bossy and controlling sort and sometimes I feel that she is undermining my status as the man of the house. When it happens, I feel tempted to leave everything for my sweet and patient colleague.

What should I do? The more I interact with her, the more I think I am attracted to her.

Roger Ong
A.S.S Contributor

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