Dear ASS Editors,

I work as a foreman in constructionn industry, I see news 27 bangla worker tio arrest becase they suport Terrorist groups, I very worry. How this is possible? My bangla workers not like this, they not violence one. they most kind and best workers of all.

Compare to Ah Tiong and Ah Neh, Bangla most hardworkin. They may be not good at talking but they listen to u when u tell them. I see some comments say need to ban Bangla terroris from Singapore yes i agree but have to careful checks. Cannot anyhow ban bangla come in afterthat we no more worker how?

So many bangla work hardworking in singapore to feed poor families back home.. anyhow ban them they jialat we singapore also jialat. no manpower build our HDB flat, repair road, cut fallen trees. Construction cost go up all sibeh jialat.

these 27 puborkia are the cheebye backside itchy black sheep spoil market. don let them spoil the good image of bangla worker in singapore. they are good people who jus need honest living to take care family back home.

Ah Guan
A.S.S. Contributor

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