Dear ASS,

I’m Indonesian I’m former domestic helper…my husband Singaporean… We have four months old baby I get black listed couldn’t enter Singapore …my husband stay alone there he have heart problem his family angry with him becoz he maried a maid like me but I’m human too. I may have no money, but I have feeling I’m human being too

I’m trying so hard to convince his family to accept me.. But they simply Dont want husband just security guard in Singapore. He work partime he can’t leave me for too long. We have enough money for food. I don’t wish to be PR..or be Singaporean. Becoz I just ordinary woman I can’t dreams that far.i just wish that I can be unblock from Singapore to visit my husband take care of him

I’m helpless wife
Helpless mother

I really wish his family can accept me. I really wish I get unblock from singapore so that I can take care of my husband. Although my husband never complain for traveling Singapore Batam every times but I can see from his face that he really tired to dear husband I’m sorry that u have to suffer becoz of me ..

I know is wrong to married Singaporean. But who will denied god will things hapend by the flow. If only we have money we will settle some where that we can stay together. I Dont know how far we will survive but to my dear husband Mohammad nizam this much I can tell you I love you

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