To All Malaysians,we would ask you to try & avoid this places:

1. Publika
2. Bangsar
3. The Curve
4. Mid Valley
5. Kuala Lumpur Centre
6. KL Tower
7. Hartamas
8. Bukit Bintang
9. LRT Stations

The Malaysian Goverment confirms with either one or any of these places will be attacked by ISIS(ISIL). Please share & u might save lives.

Guys pls stay away from KLCC – Pavi – beach club area – Jalan alor & petaling street .. We are the next target for bombing according to special branch

Now it’s officially announce in Indonesian TV it’s very high risk traveling to Malaysia due to bomb threat

Isis Attacking Spot Confirmed

1. Klcc
2. In the train or a busy train station.
3. Any huge gatherings
4. Any Big Malls
5. Busy fast food reaturants.
6 on going vehicle or any public transport.

Isis can be in any form of move.

Avoid this places.

Source SB PDRM

ISIS Suicide Bombers Confirmed To Be In Kuala Lumpur Be careful, best to avoid Crowd shopping complex like KLCC, MID VALLEY….

Only God knows how far this is true. It is always wise to take precautions.

Just to be safe..

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