Arrests of these 27 Bangladeshi workers were made between 16 Nov and 1 Dec 2015. It took MHA more than two months to inform Singaporeans and the world about their disappearances under our notorious Internal Security Act (ISA).

My question is Why? Is it because Singapore’s human rights record will be up for review at the United Nations on 27 Jan 2016 and MHA is obliged to disclose these arrests, imprisonment, deportations and imprisonment now? We will never know if there are similar cases before this instance.

What was the length of detention before repatriation is not disclosed by the MHA. Clearly, this shows that MHA does not give any regard to these migrant workers.

Note also that the 27th Bangladeshi who is now serving a prison sentence for attempting to leave by illegal means is described as not a member of the group of 26 already deported in para 2. However in para 7, he is described as a “fellow group member”.

The inconsistency shows that MHA does not care about migrant workers who are helpless in Singapore. We do not know if the embassy was informed of their arrests and what are their views on this serious matter.

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