Earlier this evening as I was about to pump petrol at the petrol kiosk, I heard a loud thud behind me. I knew what it was.


So I left my bike to rush to the scene of accident less than 20metres away. A taxi had knocked into a motorcyclist, a Dominos pizza delivery rider.

The rider wasn’t badly injured and was limping away but the accident vehicles had occupied the double lanes. So, I carried the bike and pushed it to the side to clear the road while the taxi driver drove his car into the petrol kiosk.

Noticing that the rider had enough people assisting him, I went to pump petrol and to buy a bottle of water for the rider.

I returned and started to chat with him,

Me: Anyone from Dominos coming here to help you?

Him: Don’t think so, they only asked me to lodge a police report.

The moment he said that, I felt sad. I felt sad cos this was a person, a human but no one from Dominos, which was like 5 Mins ride away was coming to help him out. I felt sad.

It also reminded me of an uncle I once spoke to who worked for SingPost.

The uncle told me when he started work many years ago, he had 10 friends but at the time when he left, he’s the only one left. The other 9 had lost their lives in the course of duty while delivering letters.

He then went on to say that there were many times that when either he or his friends got into an accident, his supervisors immediate respond was to ask if he could try to finish delivering the letters.

On occasions where one of the riders got hospitalised and even passed away, he told me that not once did the supervisor even paid a visit in hospital.

It was sad and I guess, while most companies focus their Mission on the people they serve, their clients, they ignore the people who help them meet their Mission, their own employees.

I don’t think I could ever afford to do that to my own employees at By Definition. I guess that’s why anyone who joins us, we always say, “Welcome to the family” because we really want to be there for each other, not just to make a living but also help one another to live a life, a good and meaningful life.

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