Would like to warn employers in Sg of this boy Song Jian wen, we knew him by the name of Randy. He was our staff and he broke in to our store during the early hours of 4th Jan 2016.

When I interviewed him back in August, I repeatedly emphasised that the minimart biz is mainly transacted via cash and I will not hesitate to take actions against any suspected theft and he said he understood. Because it is kinda weird for a boy his age to want to work in a minimart for long hours, I went further to question whether he has any backgrd of criminal offence, he said no. He explained that he is saving money for his studies and he is an orphan, his dad abandoned him for a new family and his mum passed on 2 years back. (Now the sob stories seems so Zzz because after the whole incident,his aunt told us otherwise. Wat kind of person curses his own mother?!)

So apart from being our staff, we took him in like family. I’ve got to say he got on well with not only us but also our neighbours and he will slowly try to gain your trust by working OT or even appear on his off days and COOK for all of us. A major red flag came on when we were on a family vacation and he came back to “take money” from our shop but thank God my in-laws were there to help out but since he thought and knew the shop was supposed to be closed that day, so why is he even there? Surprised by my in-laws’ presence at the premise, he told my brother-in-law that he is here to collect money and he has permission from my husband, which he did not have at all.

After he knew we found out, he apologised and we thought his usual work performance surpassed our expectations so we didn’t penalise him and gave him a second chance. He would ask us to leave things to him and sometimes he would even propose to bank in sales money for us (which we refused and still came by to collect) we had our reservations towards him, but I tink after months he found no other avenues to convince us of letting him handle all the cash, he took what he could, totalling about 4k and a few hundred dollars worth of ciggs.

Actually we can let this go because it is alrdy done, and nothing can undo our mistake. But his poor grandpa called me up shortly after the incident and told us the he has done this for the THIRD time (born in 91′ but capable of this, shocking) and wanted to make sure we have secured our locks because he says he know this boy too well, he will return to steal again. The IO later verified that he indeed has various records but unable to reveal the nature of offence.

I felt like a fool for believing he has a good nature, perhaps just bad circumstances. So what we are dealing with here is a serial burglar but we were lucky to have only lost a few thousand. Would like to highlight he targets small businesses esp Fnb, his last job before ours was at a new cafe in East coast. Best way to recognise him is that he has no teeth and grey gums. Knowing his spending habits and him borrowing money from us on various occasions, he should be on the prowl for a new job around this period of time already, pls do yourself a favour and keep a look out.

We have reported this case to the police and if anyone who spots him anywhere please inform my husband Adam Chen or the police please. I think this boy needs a wake up call

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