Dear Editors,

Kaplan is a school that making huge profit from students. As a student myself, I don’t see much student activities / programs unlike local universities & polytechnics.

Full / part time students go to school 3-4 times a week, spending 3 hours per module per day in class. With the amount charged per student headcount, Kaplan is making huge profit. Lecturers’ salaries, administrative cost, staff cost, rental of office and buildings might be the major costs. However, many courses at Kaplan are not funded by government. I have heard many complains that the after students signed up for the course, the course consultants are not as friendly as before the students sign up. Kaplan is a school that is more profit driven than an education institution.

Ever since Kaplan is making so much money, they does not provide any bursaries / scholarships to students who did well or offer help to needy students. Sadly, they continue to increase school fees annually in their various courses. A genuine educator will provide charitable funds to help needy students or give up bursaries to students who are low income. Likewise, scholarships should be given to encourage students to achieve excellent grades.

Students who fail their modules have to pay nearly S$2K to repeat a module. That’s extremely costly! Many students might have failed many models, however, could Kaplan feel the pain that many low income students are going through to pay and pay to repeat the modules? Reason mainly because many students in Kaplan are working part time and holding a full time career. Why Kaplan does not have the empathy to lower the education cost since Singapore is encouraging lifelong learning?

I urge the Ministry of Education or Council for Private Education to perform an audit check on Kaplan regarding how much they have been profiting from students and urge them to do something that a genuine educator should do ie giving back to the society.

Poor Kaplan Student
A.S.S. Contributor

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