Dear A.S.S,

During my school holidays, I worked as a part-time banquet server.

One time, I saw this nice looking lady seated at a table that my colleague was serving. She looked pretty and elegant so I paid attention to her.

To my horror, she said this to my colleague in a very rude way.

“Excuse me. Can you see that my bag is expensive? Can you get me a baggage holder before you start to serve food? Make sure to cover my bag. If you spill food on my bag, do you think you can afford to pay for it?”

I was shocked. My colleague serving that table was shocked too. He placed the food on the table and informed the lady that he would go get the baggage holder immediately. Thankfully, our manager was nearby and witnessed everything.

Later on, we realised that it was a Hermes bag. My manager told us privately that there are more guests like that nowadays. He told us that when this happen, always inform the manager on duty so that the manager can be on standby for damage control. You know, how sometimes guest think that we cannot make decision and they demand to speak to the manager.

Does carrying an expensive bag allow her to treat service staff like dogs? So what if she has money. She was totally rude and ungracious tho.

We always talk about Foreign Talents being rude and uncouth. But people like that lady give Singaporeans a bad name too.

A.S.S Contributor

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