To all who want to come to Singapore to seek medical Consultation, if you want to see a doctor in Singapore, please think thrice!

Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s orthopaedic surgery department is most immoral, lousy and most unprofessional. Singapore doctors very seldom explain automatically the effectiveness of the treatments they suggested or listen to the patient’s prior opinion before carrying out patient examination or treatment. There is often a waste of time and make the patients feel very unpleasant and in very bad mood.

I am very dissatisfied that I had many unpleasant experiences with Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Originally a simple explanation could be done in one consultation (1st consultation), the doctor will then let you have unnecessary repeat visits. They take advantage of the patient’s ignorance.

I complained to the hospital, the hospital and the doctors denied and are afraid of admitting their mistakes. I wonder whether there is Code of Ethics to restrict what doctor must or must not do in Singapore? And you must be aware that there is NO justifiable ways to solve the problem in Singapore provided you engage a lawyer. The problem is most of us are already sick and financially it may not be justifiable for us to engage a lawyer.

If you’re forced to or have no choice, really want to come to Singapore to see a doctor, you must take prevention; you must record down the full conversation details with the doctor during an interview. If after that you feel the services is very unprofessional, you can use your conversation record as evidence to sue the doctor or publicize the issue to the world. I unfortunately did not do it in the past due to my ignorance. So I decided to share this with everybody in the world.

Raymond Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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