Regarding the recent case of stray dog being knock down by car and other animal abuse cases.

It is disheartening that SPCA tends to ask people who reported animal abuse cases to them , to report to the police instead. SPCA must think why such cases were reported to them first?

When SPCA then refer the case to be reported to police, the police will be thinking where to redirect such cases again. Tai-chi ???

Is there an organisation that takes charge of such cases? I thought the “Society” for “Prevention” of cruelty to animals is THE advocate body to spearhead such issues. As an entity, they should take its vested interest to follow through animal abuse cases to police acting as THE ADVOCATE for abused animals.

With all due respect, isn”t that why the SPCA exist, or is it just a surrender house for abandon animals and pets? Maybe MP Louis Ng from ACRES should take a look at how SPCA is fulfilling its role.

It is clear that as the human community get stressed out in life, they will tend to ‘take it out’ on other living beings, animals being an easier target. So we have impatient drivers knocking down strays, cats being thrown from flats and possibly other unreported abuse cases.

Our fellow animals that cannot speak and fight back needs an advocate !

animal lover
A.S.S. Contributor

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